Project Client Technologies As a When
Travel Content Management System Java, jQuery, JSP, MySQL student May 2008 to Jun 2008
Ability to create new items/levels for Hierarchical Select The Worx Company Drupal, Hierarchical Select, PHP freelancer Mar 2008 to Apr 2008
Sudoku C++, Qt student Feb 2008 to Jun 2008
Light-weight userspace threading library C++ student Feb 2008
Reversi C++, Qt student Nov 2007
Multiple select support for Hierarchical Select Marmaladesoul Drupal, Hierarchical Select, PHP freelancer Nov 2007 Eighty Elements Drupal, PHP freelancer Aug 2007 to Sep 2007
Assembler interpreter C student Jun 2007
Portfolio website jQuery, PHP student May 2007 to Jun 2007
Drupal module development Inter Auto Group CSS, Drupal, Hierarchical Select, jQuery, PHP freelancer Apr 2007 to Jul 2007
Exposing internal logs to clients Collect & Legal Service Group PHP, AutoIt freelancer Sep 2006 to Nov 2006 AutoIt, Drupal open source hacker in my spare time