Project: Drupal module development

published on September 7, 2007

Hierarchical Select
Time range: 
April 2007 to July 2007
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Paul Ektov was working on a new website for his company, a major U.S. car importer with settlements in both the U.S. and Russia. He needed certain functionality, some of which you could almost get with the existing modules – but not quite, the rest was simply non-existent. So he hired me to extend the former modules to meet his needs and to write the latter.

This resulted in a whole bunch of modules:

  • Hierarchical Select, a new form element, that allows for a much more usable selection of a certain item within a hierarchy. An obvious use case is of course taxonomy, where complex vocabularies can exist. Demo available.
  • jCarousel, a module for developers, to facilitate the use the jCarousel jQuery plugin.
  • jQuery Form, also a developers module, for using the jQuery Form plugin.
  • Carousel Panel Style, a Panels style for the upcoming Panels 2 module, that uses the jCarousel module. Demo available.
  • Tabs Panel Style, another Panels style for Panels 2, which relies on the Tabs module (part of the <a href=”;>JavaScript Tools module). Demo available.
  • Views Saved Searches, which allows you to save the configuration of the exposed filters of a view for later use. Demo not yet available.

He also asked me to add certain functionality to various modules, amongst which the Directory, E-Commerce, Node Expire and Related Links modules.

He also sponsored parts of my work on the Panels 2 module.