Project: Master thesis: WPO Analytics

published on April 7, 2012

Data mining
Time range: 
March 2010 to June 2011
As a: 

School year: first master year, second semester & second master year, second semester.

My master thesis basically continued where I left off with my bachelor thesis: at the analysis part. For this, I envisioned using data mining. I successfully completed the literature study and evangelized the concept. Then, in the last semester of my last master year, I worked on the implementation. It was very challenging to get something meaningful up & running in time.

It was developed entirely in the open — even the literature study: all my work was immediately available on GitHub. It also spawned several Qt libraries that can be used stand-alone:

See an overview of the results in the closing blog post. This master thesis contributed in a very large part to me being asked by Facebook to do an internship there. Actually, Facebook is using a further developed version of my master thesis in production, to analyze tens of millions of performance samples per day — over 1,000 samples are analyzed per second.