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About myself

Last update: February 17, 2010

Probably you know by now that my name is Wim Leers. I’m 22 years old and live in Hasselt, Belgium.

I studied Latin-Mathematics in high school (I wouldn’t recommend it, Latin classes are extremely boring), and am currently in my second year of Computer Science studies at Hasselt University.

I enjoy playing table tennis or just having fun with my friends , whether that be by playing foosball, going to the movies or going out.


All my life, I’ve been interested in building things. For example, when I was small, I used to play with LEGO a lot. But I never fantasized with the buildings I created, I just liked to build them. After that, I didn’t find it interesting anymore.

I guess that’s why I’ve been crazy enough to start the DriverPacks.net project (a huge collection of drivers for Windows 2000/XP/2003). That’s also the project I wrote my first software application for: the DriverPacks BASE. This is a tool with which you can “slipstream” drivers into installation CD’s, making unattended installations possible. This project is now continued by many volunteers — as you may know, Vista isn’t very popular… The DriverPacks and the DriverPacks BASE are used by many universities, PC shops, mid- to large-sized companies, to simplify the maintenance of their PC’s.

And since about a year or so, I’ve found a new interest: Drupal. Drupal is a CMF that allows you to build incredible web sites and web applications, very rapidly.
I started with Drupal because I wanted to build a new site for the DriverPacks.net project. This new site is not yet complete, partially due to school, partially due to me doing freelance Drupal work.
Drupal’s APIs are both very elegant and powerful. But it’s not just about code. It’s also about the community. And Drupal’s really is one of the best communities out there. The IRC channel — #drupal — is chock full of enthusiastic, smart, funny and helpful people. It really is the community that makes it tick!

Aside from all the above, I’m interested in the regular geeky stuff: all those fancy technologies (multi-toch … drooool, nanotechnology … more drool!). While I can’t do it myself, I know when I like design, whether that be web design, product design (yes, that means I’m a Mac user), information design or interaction design.