CKEditor in Drupal 8: site builders & developers Q&A's

published on September 26, 2013

We had two CKEditor Q&A BoFs at DrupalCon Prague: one for site builders, one for developers. They both used the same presentation to get everybody up to speed, but we applied different nuances.

This was presented together with the CKEditor team.

Note: the slides including screenshots and screencasts are on GitHub at, feel free to reuse them in your blogs & talks!


  1. Why the Drupal 7 modules (CKEditor/WYSIWYG modules) sucked and the Text Editor/CKEditor modules in Drupal 8 rock
  2. How to enable CKEditor for a text format.
  3. How to configure CKEditor, and how that UI automatically updates your filter settings.
  4. The things CKEditor can do out of the box (Advanced Content Filter, image uploading, image alignment and captioning, in-place editing, and so on).
  5. How Advanced Content Filter prevents crappy HTML.
  6. The things CKEditor can do with additional configuration (site-specific “styles” for content e.g. for callouts).
  7. The things CKEditor can do if you install additional plugins.
  8. How Drupal 8’s caption filter plus the corresponding CKEditor widget provide the end user with a great UX, yet with clean, non-blobby content in the database.
  9. CKEditor plugin demos that show the range of things you can achieve with CKEditor.


After that, we opened the floor to any and all questions you might have.

Were present to answer questions:

  • Wim Leers, who was the liaison between Drupal and CKEditor, and led the integration
  • Frederico Knabben, CKEditor founder/project lead, CKSource owner
  • Wiktor Walc, CKSource CTO, worked on CKEditor modules for ages
  • Piotrek Koszuliński, CKEditor developer, developed the CKEditor Widgets system and worked on the Advanced Content Filter system and pasting support
  • Olek Nowodziński, CKEditor developer, worked on the Advanced Content Filter system, HiDPI (retina) support and many parts of CKEditor
DrupalCon Prague
Prague, Czech Republic
Sep 25 2013 - 17:00