BigPipe introduction

  • BigPipe
  • Dynamic Page Cache
  • Page Cache
  • Varnish/CDN

Wim Leers

Front end

Back end

Front end: CSS, JS, images, fonts … (assets)

Back end: HTML

80–90% of time is spent on front end

Bigger speed gains on front end than on back end


Perceived performance

  1. TTFB = Time to First Byte
  2. TTAP = Time to Assets Prefetching
  3. TTI = Time to Interact
  4. Page load time = total load time: until finished loading

First, optimize front end in typical way:

  • optimize images
  • minify & aggregate CSS/JS
  • fewer HTTP requests (even for HTTP/2 in 2016)

… but if the back end is already slow, the front end alone cannot make it fast.

Intersection of front-end & back-end performance

0. Uncached/regular

Drupal needs to lots of things before replying

TTFB, TTAP, TTI: typically 100s of ms (~ back end)

1. Page cache

Drupal needs to do almost nothing before replying

  • TTFB: ms (<10 ms)
  • TTAP: low 10s of ms
  • TTI: 100s of ms (~ front-end code)

  • For anonymous users (unpersonalized pages)
  • Enabled by default in Drupal 8

2. Dynamic Page cache

Drupal needs to several things before replying

  • TTFB: 10s to low 100s of ms (~ back-end code)
  • TTAP: 100s of ms
  • TTI: high 100s of ms (~ back-end + front-end code)

  • For authenticated users (personalized pages)
  • Enabled by default in Drupal 8

3. BigPipe

Drupal needs to do almost nothing before replying, BUT continues to do things afterwards

  • TTFB: low 10s of ms (~ server, typical: 15-40)
  • TTAP: 10s of ms
  • TTI: low 100s of ms (~ front end)

  • For authenticated users (personalized pages)
  • Candidate for Drupal 8.1 or 8.2


At a high level

Cacheability metadata in Drupal 8

  • Cache tags (data dependencies)
  • Cache contexts (context dependencies)
  • Cache max-age (time dependencies)


Cacheability bubbled during rendering!

Cache tags + reverse proxy

Cache tags: efficient invalidation of Varnish/CDN

Page cache = reverse proxy ⇒ tested!

Improved Render API

  • rendering in isolation: "lazy builders"
  • auto-placeholdering
           max-age: 0
           contexts: ['session', 'user']
           tags: []

renderable in isolation
poor cacheability

deferred rendering via BigPipe

BigPipe details: Acquia webinar in 2 weeks:

BigPipe: The Architecture Behind the Fastest Version of Drupal Yet


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