Project: File Conveyor: performance + source deletion

published on April 4, 2012

File Conveyor
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January 2012
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The International Game Developers Organization’s Global Game Jam deals with an enormous influx of new files (the games developed during the GGJ) in a very short timespan (48 hours). These files need to be downloaded very fast, by many people. A CDN is an obvious fit here. That’s not a problem however; during budget constraints, they only have limited space on their (origin) web servers. Hence they’d like to move everything (and delete it from the source!) onto Rackspace Cloud Files, which also is the CDN they’d use.

This makes sense, but File Conveyor was originally developed with a different goal in mind: keep the files on the origin, so that one can easily switch to another CDN provider. This did not match GGJ’s needs, hence I was commissioned to implement the ability to delete files from the source (origin) once they had been synced.