What you can expect soon…

published on June 15, 2008

I’ve been very quiet lately, which was especially noticeable on Drupal.org. Right now, I’m in the middle of my exam period (Computer Graphics exam next Wednesday), but as soon as I can (exams will be finished July 2nd), I will resume my Drupal work:

  1. Finish Hierarchical Select 3 for Drupal 5
  2. Port Hierarchical Select 3 to Drupal 6
  3. Finally do that write-up of my svn system for deploying and maintaing Drupal sites (it’s ready since last December, just didn’t have the time to do the writing).
  4. Finish the consolidation of the jCarousel and Panels Carousel Style modules into the Carousel module.
  5. Make the current CDN Integration for Drupal 5 module scalable (i.e.: stop using a serialized array to keep track of synced files, which was good enough for development purposes, but painfully slow for production).
  6. Also port the CDN integration module to Drupal 6.

However, that’s not the only thing you can expect. For one of the university projects I had to complete, my Qt skills had to be polished significantly. And I (like to) think I’m now at a somewhat decent level. I’ll write some articles on this as well:

  1. a short article on an efficient algorithm for resizing a QGraphicsView while maintaining the aspect ratio. It’s actually not that hard to write this, but it took me some time to figure out, so I hope it’ll be helpful to some one out there. That, and I’d love to get feedback from the Qt professionals. :)
  2. a relatively lengthy article on building cross-platform applications in C++/Qt, including sample build+packaging scripts for Mac OS X (g++ compiler, packaged as .dmg), Linux (g++ compiler, packaged as .tar.gz) and Windows (both the Visual Studio and MingW compilers)

And for the Drupal fans that read this far: Qt is actually almost as cool as Drupal! Should it not be clear: no, I don’t say that easily. ;)


Jakob Petsovits's picture

You know, when combined with kdelibs and all of that stack, Qt actually is just as cool as Drupal. Part of my Evil Plan for World Domination (TM) is to establish KDE/Qt and Drupal as duopoly in computing - one ruling the desktop and the other ruling the web, harharhar :-P

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Wim Leers

Where can I sign up? :) :D

I take that you’re a Qt developer as well, then?

EDIT: and the missing link between these 2 awesome open source projects? WebKit, of course! And guess what? It’s included in Qt 4.4… har har indeed!