DrupalCon Paris

published on August 29, 2009

I will be presenting together with Konstantin Käfer on Front End Performance. To be more exact, he will be talking about Front End Performance in general, and I will be talking about a subdomain of that: CDN integration.
Our sessions were merged because they overlapped to some extent — so now there’s just one supercharged session instead! It’s scheduled for Thursday (3 September), at 9 AM, in the La Reserre (translated: coal-shed) room.

In specific, I will be talking about the work I’ve been doing as part of my bachelor thesis. Integrating Drupal with a CDN was quite painful previously, but by using the CDN integration module, you can choose for either:

  • extremely easy CDN integration;
  • easy, but extremely flexible CDN integration by also using the “File Conveyor” daemon that I wrote

Thanks, Drupal community!

After DrupalCon DC, I was once more with the lucky ones to be granted a scholarship. Thanks, Drupal community! I hope many of you will benefit from the work I’ve been doing in my free time and as part of my bachelor thesis. I volunteered to help at the registration booth of DrupalCon Paris, so I’ll maybe see you there and otherwise later :)