The Drupal bank card!

published on February 19, 2008

At the end of 2007, my bank offered free personalized bank cards, meaning that you can put a photo on it. Only hours before the deadline passed (after this deadline, you’d have to pay, bah!), I thought about it. So I quickly started looking for something cool I could put on my bank card.

You’ve guessed it: I chose our beloved Druplicon! :)


I did the impossible. I got chx to envy me:

kkaefer: WimLeers: that bank card is awesome!
WimLeers: kkaefer: :)
kkaefer: WimLeers: chx envies you ;)
WimLeers: kkaefer: really? :D
WimLeers: kkaefer: WOOT :P
chx: WimLeers: a DRUPLICON bank card!!!!!!
chx: my life is incomplete without a druplicon bank card.


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Wim Leers

drewish warned me for the same thing. But no need to worry, because it’s a bank card. In Europe, or at least in Belgium, nobody uses credit cards for this exact reason: if you’ve got the number, then anybody can use it. Not so with bank cards: you have to enter a 4-digit pin code before you can do payments with it.

The first number is a unique bank card number. You can’t do anything with that. The second is my account number. The only thing you can do with that, is sending money to it :P

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Wim Leers
  • You can only enter the PIN manually, via a keypad. There’s no way to use it online just like this. To perform online transactions, you have to log in and sign each transaction using your Digipass.
  • You can only try 3 times. If the third try is invalid, your card gets blocked.
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Wim Leers

Your socks still rock ;) I haven’t managed to see them in real life yet, so you better be wearing them at the next European Drupalcon!

By the way, I bet somebody could make a living just from selling Drupal gadgetry…

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3 ears ago i asked the same from the postbank in the netherlands and uploaded my drupal bank card. however, it was turned down… it might have somthing to do with the text I added “drupal kicks ***” :-)

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I want that Drupal card too. I’m waiting for my Citibank credit card. I can’t wait to get it.