Drupal 6 released!

published on February 13, 2008

Drupal 6 has been released! So … what’s new, what got better and what became easier?

  • Installation became much easier
  • There’s a new Forms API property: #ahah. This made JS integration with the Forms API possible, even without writing a single line of code! This level of JS integration into the Forms API will result in much more usable Drupal sites, since usability of websites is typically determined by the usability of the forms.
  • Even more new usability improvements through JS: drag & drop administration for menus, blocks, forums, taxonomy terms and so on.
  • Multilingual Drupal has been made much easier.
  • New in core: OpenID!
  • New in core: actions & triggers, for custom workflows (e.g. send an e-mail when somebody commented on your blog).
  • New in core: the Update Status module. What? Never heard of it? Your Drupal life wasn’t complete, then!
  • New in core: Schema API, this allows you to write SQL-agnostic database schemas, and you don’t even have to write SQL anymore to load/save your modules’ objects!
  • New in core: Batch API, this gives Drupal sites the ability to do processing of huge amounts of information. I think this will result in the creation of many “CMS Foo to Drupal importer” modules.

And that’s not even everything … see the announcement at Drupal.org for more details.


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