Article translated into Russian and selected by Drupal Fire

published on March 31, 2009

Russian translation

My article “Improving Drupal’s page loading performance” — definitely my most popular writing thus far, bookmarked almost 350 times on delicious — has been translated into Russian! So any people who prefer to read it in Russian, read it over there!

Drupal Fire

John Forsythe selected my web site for his new project, Drupal Fire:

Drupal Fire is a new content aggregator that brings together the best writers, developers, and designers the Drupal community has to offer.
The site features 30 hand-picked feeds that I believe represent the best, most interesting content in the Drupal universe. You won’t find a higher signal-to-noise ratio anywhere else. I’m glad that my writing efforts — as sparse as they are due to time constraints — are appreciated. :)
I think it makes sense now that to offer focused alternatives of the Drupal Planet — it has become so big! 30 instead of 304 sources is a huge difference. For now I’ll stick to the planet, but I agree that the signal-to-noise ratio has been dropping steadily.


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I’m still a bit shocked to see my name appear on Drupal Fire too, but hey, we’re good, no need for denial :)