Mini Panels

Archived because cool URIs don’t change. Written in 2007–2011.

This demo was only relevant to Drupal 5 and Panels 2, which are now both very old and forgotten. Due to lack of maintenance, its styling also was now failing miserably in newer browsers. Plus, this has become so common that there is no wow-effect anymore.
I’ve pulled it offline on December 9, 2009 — it had been online since August 24, 2007. The Panels Carousel functionality had been disabled for a while due to messy CSS issues for which I never found the time to fix. I’ve attached a screenshot that demonstrates what it looked like when I pulled it offline.

It demonstrated Panels’ Mini Panels functionality (which exposes panels as blocks), of which I contributed the initial version. I also helped add “Panel Styles plug-ins” functionality to Panels, and then wrote some Panel Styles plug-ins: Panels Tabs and Panels Carousel. Both are now being maintained by other contributors.